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giving the gift of language and emotional health
to the hearing-impaired child

Ellyn Altman, Ph.D.

(1988) Washington, DC: A.G. Bell Association for the Deaf.

Ellyn Altman, Ph.D. writes this book from the points of view of clinical psychologist and parent of a hearing-impaired child. This is the book she needed twenty years earlier, when little in the way of hopeful possibilities seemed available. The book provides practical information on how parents can facilitate self-sufficiency and sound mental health from early childhood through adolescence. Concluding the book are chapters from each family member including her hearing impaired daughter. The book presents an approach to childcare that is supportive, nurturing, and enriching.
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Hearing Care for Children   Meeting the Needs of Adolescents with Impaired Hearing

Hearing Care for Children

F.N. Martin and J.G. Clark (eds.)

(1996) Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon

(pp.197 - 210) Ellyn Altman, Ph.D.

While written for audiologists, the content of this book was meant to be of value to all professionals whose work seeks to benefit children with hearing impairment and their caregivers. Dr. Altman has contributed a chapter entitled "Meeting the Needs of Adolescents with Impaired Hearing" in which she addresses the emotional considerations of adolescence including the transitional period that adolescence represents between childhood and adulthood; the effects on development of hearing loss and other early experiences; the challenges confronting adolescents; and the relationship of the hearing impaired adolescent with the audiologist and other helping professionals.